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[ 26 Feb 2007
9:10pm ]
but of all these friends and lovers
there is no one compares with you
and these memories lose their meaning
when I think of love as something new
though I know I'll never lose affection
for people and things that went before
i know i'll often stop and think about them
in my life i love you more

i love the beatles

? [ 24 Jan 2007
10:35pm ]
um, scroll downCollapse )
um, shannon has a facebook?? whatttt?
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[ 19 Jan 2007
2:51pm ]
my brother got on ICEP peru.

i'm happy for him, but i swear i'm so scared he'll fuck up the trip for everyone.
well, for everyone's sake, i hope not.

i start psychology on monday :)
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[ 11 Jan 2007
8:47pm ]
i pushed myself during suicides today in practice to prove myself..

i had live forever by the lemonheads stuck in my head all day.

cause i just wanna fly
lately, did you ever feel the pain
in the morning rain?
as it soaks you to the bone..

we were a stroke of luck, we were a gold mine [ 02 Dec 2006
11:38pm ]
i had a long talk with katie murph.
and it made me upset.

aides? icep is.. over. never going to repeat.
suddenly every bit of the conversation made me think of something on icep.
we said,
remember when..
kyle wobbled constantly?
australian skaters asked us if we had any cigarettes?
we stumbled upon a deat cat-rat-squirrel-possum
we followed a kangaroo up a steep hill, and had to slide the entire way down
it rained and broke the drought, and we watched puddles merge and suddenly a river began to flow for the first time in 3 years
when i woke up at 5 in the morning on our last day together and just said, "katie.. i'm so depressed" and she said, "me too, cat..me too."

i'm so sentimental
what i'm really scared of, is forgetting all the little crazy, funny moments, the ones that made it so incredible.. that it'll just slowly fade become a dimly warm memory in my mind..? does that make sense?
and she completely understood

on a busnote, one of my chimney counselors wrote, "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
and i tried to think that way, i did
but it's gnawing away at me, and it won't stop
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bleed maroon & white [ 01 Dec 2006
4:04pm ]
[ mood | maroon/white ]

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[ 27 Nov 2006
2:36pm ]
no aides anything in the mail today
i desperately want to talk to people in MA!

the suspense is unbearable

i made a pact with some people to not mention aides for a few weeks after, to cut communication
because i really don't want to hurt anyones feelings or vice versa. but damn it's hard

asdglkasdgn getting ready for 7 hours of cheer .. the competition's so soon AHHHHH
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at concordia today [ 19 Nov 2006
10:12pm ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

it's bad quality, i had to compress it to upload it online

we did SO much better than our first competition. but we competed against some of the best. we got 6th place and the spirit award.

i feel good about how i did personally, but as a team we still need to focus on MANY weak spots...

asldkgnasdg frustrations

what's up, vanilla face? [ 10 Nov 2006
11:07pm ]
[ mood | peaceful ]

okay i HAD to share my excitement:

today during my violin lesson, my teacher, mary (who i like to think of as my teacher/friend) was talking about how her daughter winona is a photographer and was shooting fashion stuff for nylon.

short convoCollapse )
she's so cool

i saw borat today- hilarious but disappointing, too

life keeps on changing,
tell it to stay still but it won't listen

oh, your lighthouse is burning my travels clean

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it's a morning yearning [ 11 Oct 2006
1:22am ]
just a morning yearningCollapse )

"listen close enough
all else fades, fades away

it was just another night with the sun set
and the moon rise not so far behind
to give us just enough light
to lay down underneath the stars
listen to all the translations
of the stories across the sky..
we drew our own constellations"

and they make everything in the world seem all right
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