catra_26 (catra_26) wrote,

we were a stroke of luck, we were a gold mine

i had a long talk with katie murph.
and it made me upset.

aides? icep is.. over. never going to repeat.
suddenly every bit of the conversation made me think of something on icep.
we said,
remember when..
kyle wobbled constantly?
australian skaters asked us if we had any cigarettes?
we stumbled upon a deat cat-rat-squirrel-possum
we followed a kangaroo up a steep hill, and had to slide the entire way down
it rained and broke the drought, and we watched puddles merge and suddenly a river began to flow for the first time in 3 years
when i woke up at 5 in the morning on our last day together and just said, "katie.. i'm so depressed" and she said, "me too, too."

i'm so sentimental
what i'm really scared of, is forgetting all the little crazy, funny moments, the ones that made it so incredible.. that it'll just slowly fade become a dimly warm memory in my mind..? does that make sense?
and she completely understood

on a busnote, one of my chimney counselors wrote, "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
and i tried to think that way, i did
but it's gnawing away at me, and it won't stop
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